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My name is Maureen and my mission is to help you discover and use ALL available resources to learn to be healthy for the best life possible.

I help you know yourself, honestly,
for wisdom and wellness through guiding you inward to discover, explore, and utilize the amazing resources that already exist within your “inner landscape.”

I also provide you with behavioral health tools from the “outer landscapes” ––those drawn from the best in functional medicine,
experts in the neurobiology of stress,
the wisdom of yoga and mindfulness,
and cutting-edge research in nervous system health.

I do all the time-consuming hard work of gathering and vetting health information, so you don’t have to, make this learning accessible for your personal growth,
and empower you to become stronger and more flexible,
in body and mind,
for lifting the heavy weight of being human.

Get Honest. Get Healthy.

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Contact: LandscapesForLearning27@gmail.com

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The information and programs presented on or through this website are made available to equip you with knowledge and tools.  All the programs on this website are educational and self-guided or coach-directed programs.This information and these programs are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 
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