The Complete Self-Study Program

“Know Thyself”–Oracle at Delphi

This ain’t school, kids.  This ain’t spiritual woo-woo. Get to KNOW YOURSELF for wisdom and wellness because it doesn’t happen any other way, no matter how much you whine, blame, or resist. These courses will teach you to STOP buying your own bullshit and avoiding “going there” to do the real work of becoming the REAL you. Study your mind and body to understand how you function and to optimize your experience being human!

These SELF-STUDY courses are comprised of short video instructions along with explanations, a rationale, everyday examples, self-study journaling prompts, personality tests, and other simple exercises and practices from which you can pick and choose as appropriate for your unique growth and insight.  Knowing yourself is a process and the path to wisdom and wellness. It will never go out of style, as the content and its tools are drawn from the wisdom of the ages, East & West, and apply to ALL humans, even YOU.  LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!

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LEARNING: The landscape of your life is full of opportunities for learning, and this is nothing like schooling. Taking risks and making mistakes is highly encouraged, not grade point average.  Be a creator, not a copycat.


CHALLENGE:  Explore your fear, willingness to take on voluntary stress, and personal discipline for growth and wellness. Leave your excuses and sob stories  at the door.


ATTENTION: Explore your attention, judgment, and values, and create a life worth living. Realize your “why” so you can get after creating a REAL life rather than a fake one.


SELF-AWARENESS: Explore your mind, body, emotions, personality and much more to know who YOU really are and rid yourself of the bullshit that’s making you sick at worst or settled with average at best.


CHOICE:  Explore your choices, reactivity and develop response-ability, so nobody and nothing can steal your peace!


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