Build and solidify your TEAM’s bond through facing challenge together!

@ Bikram Yoga Danvers
110 Newbury Street

(Route 1S)
Danvers, MA

Come BOND with your TEAMMATES by suffering together through a 90 minute HOT yoga class with me, Maureen Bakis, Mental Health Counselor, Wellness Coach, and
Certified Bikram Yoga Teacher

Isn’t Yoga about relaxing and de-stressing?

Bikram’s unique form of yoga is much more than merely stretching and posing;
training with suffering and stress to build distress tolerance. It’s designed for training the mind and body to become strong and flexible. 

In my program, I teach players how to welcome stress, suffering, and challenge. I teach players how respond to stress through discipline, self-regulation, and mindfulness. This all happens through direct experience– in their bodies (that’s where the brain lives!)
And we do this together, as a
It’s HARD, and that’s the point!

My 30-40 minute pre-class talk prepares players to voluntarily expose themselves to STRESS, on purpose, to learn more about how (and why) they respond to physical and mental discomfort. This self-awareness that happens experientially is the foundation of building mental and physical resilience.

I also teach players about their nervous system and their stress response, so they can harness it for optimal health and performance. If your body isn’t disciplined and regulated, no amount of thinking positive or mindset will help you. I also draw on being the proud mom of a “Team Guy.”

I use questions like:
Do you, and your teammates, welcome hard things?
Do you know what interferes with your ability to stay calm and focused when stress gets high in a game, in school, in relationships, in life?
Do you react uncontrollably when things don’t go as you want, or do you respond with clarity of purpose?
Is your mindset and attitude making you and your TEAM better or worse?

I also provide players with a slew of health and self-study resources they can use long after they leave the yoga studio!

When, Where, How?

Book one or more classes on
Saturday or Sunday afternoons

I will prepare the team for the yoga class, give my 30-40 minute “pre-game” talk about mental health, physical fitness training, and doing hard things with teammates, teach the 90-minute yoga class, and facilitate a brief 15-20 minute “post-game” discussion of the team’s experience after class.
Plan for 1pm to 4pm.

Showers and lockers available. Players should bring yoga mat, beach/yoga-towel, and water. Come pre-hydrated, and small meal 2 hours before class is recommended.
*Water, limited # of mats, and shower towels available for rent.

*Coaches and Teacher/Educator programs in nervous system regulation also available. Just ask!

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