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Get a Lay of the Landscape of You

Take the Lay of the Landscape of You Lifestyle Assessment below and
I’ll collaborate with you to review and interpret it for precision and accuracy.
Together, we will get at the truth of you!


Why Work with Me?

Anyone can take surveys online and be introspective in private, but there’s also enormous value in collaborating with an experienced humanistic helper who can hold you accountable, gently encourage you to be honest, and help you get clear as you interpret data and gain insight about yourself.  I am an unbiased, empathic, and nonjudgmental Mental Health Professional who works to help you help yourself! And as a writer, former English teacher, and yoga teacher, I’ve helped thousands of people expand their vocabulary to best express themselves by making more accurate distinctions between thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

I have found in decades of experience working with people that they underestimate their strengths, don’t know their inner resources, are blind to their own biases, and are overly critical and judgmental about their weaknesses. As well, most people too generically label themselves, for example as “stressed” or “anxious,” without a deeper level of emotional granularity, nuance, and specificity about their experiences, therefore they try to solve the wrong problems and/or use the wrong interventions. Your time and effort is too precious to waste!

Since most personal problems stem from a lack of awareness or improperly defining them,  we need to get a lay of the landscape of who we are every so often and describe what’s going on with us in precise language. Just as we take time to be clear when communicating with others, we ought to do it when we are
trying to understand ourselves and our inner landscape.

Take the Lifestyle Assessment, and I’ll help you get a precise analysis as you learn, honestly, about who you really are. Getting a lay of the landscape of you empowers you to take the best care of yourself possible, problem solve more effectively, leverage your strengths, and actualize your potential!

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I look forward to helping you travel your landscapes for learning!

Additional Curricula & Services Available at LFL

  • Landscapes for Learning courses online in Self-Study for Self-Realization
  • Journaling Program for self awareness and wellbeing.
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Workshops and bootcamps
  • Individually tailored “Workout Within” program designed through our collaboration to meet your unique lifestyle interests, needs, and challenges. I help you set goals and provide tough-love for crushing them!
  • Mental Health Counseling to address a broad range of human challenges. e.g. emotional health, trauma, relationships, nervous system health, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and more. Learn more about my Therapeutic Orientation and Training at

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