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A Landscapes for Learning Journaling Program is in the works!

Why Journal?

A great way to improve self-awareness is through self-reflection through writing. Writing is a solitary act where you have the opportunity to sit quietly, alone, and explore your inner landscape. You don’t have to be good at it; this is not graded or evaluated, nor should it be, not even by you. No judgment. You can misspell, draw pictures, make lists, stop and start whenever and however much you want. It’s practically free, you can do it almost anywhere, anytime, and it’s 100% just for you! How many things in life can you say that are 100% yours? How many things in life do you have 100% control over?

Maybe you have tried to journal before but you cannot figure out what to write about. Perhaps you’d like a little direction. The prompts I provide are about being human as are the quotes so that you get a sense that you are never alone in your experiences, thoughts, or feelings, even though they are unique to you.

The LFL Journaling Program is designed for you to pause, reflect, and express what’s within you, to learn about yourself. This is authentic, life-long learning, without a final destination. It’s simply practice. 

The journaling program includes writing prompts for self-reflection, including famous and interesting quotes for you to ponder, whether you are a high school student, and undergraduate, a parent, a single-mother, or teacher.  I’ll have journals specifically tailored to each demographic.

How to Journal?

You can use the Landscapes for Learning Journal for many things:

  • to write about learning beyond schooling, that is, to record all the sorts of lessons and experiences on the landscapes beyond your formal academic life; perhaps this is where you are learning more about nature, the world, your private interests and what you are attracted to or drawn toward; people, relationships, the kind of person you want to be, your values and beliefs, and more.
  • to write about what you find on your inner landscape travels. Maybe you journal about your experiences meditating or being quiet and alone. Maybe you write about things you imagine or dream about; your feelings and how they affect or feel in your body; your fears and joys.
  • You can also use the journal to write about your observations of yourself in order to learn more about who you really are and what you are like: your personality; your habits; your thought patterns (so you can see if there are patterns over time and perhaps some are not helpful or serving you well), your strengths and weaknesses, among so many other things about being a human being. (I include observation templates too!)
  • You can use your journal as a place to keep track of your Landscapes for Learning Coaching Program and exercises or to reflect after your 1 to 1 or group coaching sessions to keep track of your progress, make notes, reminders, to-do lists, goals, list your values or make a schedule or any other aspect you are working on as part of your coaching program.
  • You can write about your discoveries and struggles related to your practices of meditation and /or yoga sessions, or your new workouts and hobbies.

All of this will help you know yourself on a deeper level which will in turn aid you in discovering who you are what you are meant to be and do in this world. Self-knowledge, although sometimes difficult to accept if you are truly honest, will strengthen you and enable you to be the very best you possible! Writing is a great way to see what you think and feel and sort through it all.

Paper & Pen

I encourage you to buy a paper-based journal or note-book (nothing fancy) and a favourite pen or pencil, rather than a computer or phone, so you can disconnect from the equipment that connects you to the social world, the external, so that you will be less distracted and more attentive to your essential or inner self while in your quiet place writing. Consider this a more contemplative way to journal, a special event that you take time to do for yourself as a form of therapy for wellness.

Sample Journal Topics (these are not prompts):

Attention: What do you pay attention to? What do you value most? 

Distractions: List the distractions that take you away from your better self.

Values: What matters? Do you matter?  Is what’s most important GOOD for you? How can you tell?

Goals: Are your goals aligned with your values? 

Health: What does anxiety and fear feel like in your body?

Consumption: What are you consuming each day? Not only food, but information, influences etc..

Fear: Doing what’s hard; Face your fear; do the thing you least want to do until it’s not scary anymore.

Truth and integrity: lying and the authenticity of you; living and voicing one’s truth.

Stay tuned!!


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