LFL Mission

Landscapes for Learning

Mission Statement

“Celebrating our shared humanity & revitalizing love for learning, one ordinary story at a time.”

LFL is a teaching and learning space to engage in thoughtful exploration and discussion of life and learning and teaching. Drawing on personal experience and years teaching and coaching, I hope to engage anyone interested in thoughtful discussion about learning and teaching, in all realms, across all landscapes.

My goal is inquiry, exploration, interesting and reasonable conversation, and positive storytelling to reinstate the integrity of authentic learning in order to improve the lives of young people, especially those individuals who are failing to optimize their learning within the current formal school environment.

I hope to work with individual students and their parents, as well as schools, from a unique angle outside of the classroom, where I might inspire and empower students with a love of learning and to help them navigate their required school experiences.

Some of the issues that plague students cannot be effectively solved from within the school environment. If we aren’t changing schools and the methods of education to meet all kids’ needs, then we can help kids develop tools and a mindset to better thrive both within the system and to fully self-actualize on the many landscapes for learning available to them beyond brick and mortar classrooms.


The Landscapes for Learning podcast is curricula focused on educating people about authentic forms of learning that exist everywhere outside of the formal academic realm to promote a love of learning and embrace it as a lifestyle on the road to individual self-actualization.


LFL will publish podcast interviews with ordinary people who embrace various kinds of authentic learning in their lives. The hope is that these stories will inspire and/or fill a gap for many young people who may not be exposed to great stories of real people who might serve as positive examples of authentic learning.

Solo podcasts

LFL will publish a variety of solo podcasts on various subject matter related to life and learning. I’ll share my personal reflections, observations, and experiences, as well as share the work and ideas of other thinkers, writers, and podcasters, and offer helpful tips and insights about how to embrace authentic learning and make learning a lifestyle. I also will share resources related to positive, life-affirming values, self-inquiry, and self-actualization.

Coaching & Consulting

LFL will provide private coaching sessions to individuals and groups, including parents, high school and college students, K-12 school leaders, and teachers about the process of authentic life learning, and provide guidance, support, and resources to assist with the process of self-actualization. Through a process of honest and rigorous self-inquiry and assessment, clients will learn how to align goals with the value of authentic learning and develop positive actions and habits to transform their lives for optimal fulfilment and genuine purpose.  

Public & Motivational Speaking

LFL will provide motivational speeches for large groups, including, but not limited to, parents, students, school leaders and teachers about the process of authentic life learning to inspire individuals to enthusiastically and intelligently engage in the process of self-actualization.  

Professional Development

LFL will provide professional development for K-12 teachers to help teachers understand how their own rigorous self-inquiry and understanding of human nature can improve their lives and careers. Teachers will learn the importance of their own authenticity, the “who” of teaching (Palmer), self-care and self-compassion, as well as how to be present and healthy to be their best selves and positively affect their students. Because of their own personal growth and wellness, teachers can better learn how to navigate the complex dynamic of schooling, realize their important role as educators, improve at managing professional and personal demands including the intellectual, emotional, psychological, and spiritual.  Teachers will learn, by tapping into their individual strengths and weaknesses, how to implement more authentic forms of learning in their teaching roles in a way that maintains their personal integrity. This program is for any teacher, new or seasoned, interested in avoiding burnout and disillusionment, or gaining clarity of purpose to make their own teaching lives more meaningful and enjoyable for themselves, their colleagues, and their students. This professional development program is not about effective teaching methods, techniques for classroom management or delivering content; this is about you—your personal growth, self-care, and individual fulfillment.