Self-Study for Self-Realization Workshop Notes


Workshop Notes about Bikram Yoga as self-study for self-realization.


In these lecture notes prepared for a workshop at my local Bikram studio, I explain Bikram’s Yoga in the context of Hindu philosophy, offering you another  way to look at your practice, expand your understanding of it, and enrich or renew your practice (and/or invite you into this practice if you are new to this). I make some concrete connections for you between what we/you do in the BY class, what your teachers say/do, and how this can be applied in “the real world” of your life “off the mat” to help you be well, love your life, and inspire and motivate you to live it to the fullest– as uniquely you. In other words, I talk about how the hot room is a lab for self-study for self-realization.