Sample Educator Workshop

Embodied Teaching: A Workshop in Nervous System Health & Learning

Learning doesn’t happen without a visceral, embodied sense of safety in the limbic system. This workshop provides you, teachers, with insight into your own autonomic nervous system functioning by teaching you about the role of the vagus nerve, neuroception, co-regulation for self-regulation, and much more from recent findings in the field of  interpersonal neurobiology.

You will learn about your inner landscape, gain resources and tools for balance and regulation, and increase your capacity to teach in ways that positively impact your students’ nervous system health, their ability to feel safe for learning and connecting with others in a social environment, and your and their overall health and wellbeing.

This workshop is a win-win for both teachers and students and will have healing ripple effects through your school community!

Contact Maureen below to schedule a consult to tailor a specific workshop at your school!


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