Workout Within Workshop

Workout Within

Everyone needs help getting fit to lift the heavy weight of being human.

 In this workshop I teach you how to get honest to get healthy.
You will learn the why and how to travel your inner landscape for learning about yourself.

Learning more about your thoughts, emotions, and sensations  is an important step toward healthier nervous system functioning.

Learning more about mind-body balance and interior integration will support your optimal performance and increase your drive and goal-directed behavior for a life of passion and vitality.

“Workout Within” is for vitality and the good life––
inside and out.

Working Out Within enables you to discover resources you didn’t know you had to create and maintain
healthier relationships with yourself and with others.

When you are better, so is everybody else!

Invite me to show you how to strengthen your psyche, your body, and your resolve by learning more about who you are.

*This workshop is essential for your school, business, gym, yoga & pilates studio or community group. Empowering your members with behavioral health education and coaching support so they keep showing up for their individual wellness and for your community’s wellbeing is a win-win!

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