Who am I?

The question we can consider both when WRITING and PRACTICING YOGA. Both are “reflective” techniques; both are contemplative observation of oneself, without critical judgment; both require quiet mindful attention; both lead to revelation, contain trial and error, and deep personal learning unique to only you. Both modalities are therapeutic, healing, and scientifically proven to improve physical and mental health. Both can help you build character, trust, and faith in yourself. Neither need to be shared. This isn’t about “we”; it’s about “me.”

Who are you? In order to properly care for yourself, you need to find out.


You don’t have to be “flexible” or “strong” or have “good balance” to write or to practice yoga. You write and you practice yoga to become all of those things in your mind and your body.

You don’t have to think of yourself as “someone who does yoga” or a “writer.” NEITHER IS ABOUT POSTURING. BOTH ARE ABOUT TRUTH. BOTH MIGHT BE CHALLENGING, BUT YOU ARE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!!

This isn’t school. There are no grades, no teachers, no curriculum, only you and the yoga mat and the mirror, or you and a pen and paper! This is not about being good at anything: writing or yoga! THIS IS ABOUT BEING YOU, AUTHENTICALLY.

There’s no competing or comparing.

There’s just YOU and that’s ENOUGH!

If you like to write or never do, come to the workshop. If you like to practice yoga or never do, come to the workshop. If you like to learn, come. If it’s something that might seem uncomfortable, “not like you,” come anyway. Just try. The real you will unfold; all you have to do is show up!

Self-Realization Writing Workshops with/without Bikram yoga practice coming soon to

Bikram Yoga, Danvers, Massachusetts

Bikram Yoga Durham, New Hampshire.


Online resources coming soon!

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