Maureen Bakis

Mental Health Counselor
Yoga Teacher

I believe…
The landscapes of your life
are full of opportunities for learning for your fullest actualization.
You get to decide that what happens “to” you happens “for” you.
This learning mindset and strengths-focused attitude
is pro-personal agency and empowering!

I believe…
Life is a curriculum wherein you learn,
through action and reflection,
to respond to your unique and specific experiences
in ways that increase wellness and vitality for yourself and others.

Key Benefits of Working with Me

Know Yourself
Build capacity to respond to “what happens” in your life.
Build resilience through nervous system regulation.
Frame your problems as opportunities and develop skills for solving them.
Value, Trust, and Respect yourself through commitment and hard work.
Improve your relationships–with yourself, others, the environment.
Live with purpose, meaning, honesty, and integrity.
Increase health, vitality, fitness and wellbeing.



Self-Study Resources 

I believe…
You already have everything you need!
LFL’s self-study curricula guides you inward to discover, explore, and utilize the
amazing resources within your “inner landscape.”

Workout Within Coaching Content

I believe…
You don’t have to be sick to be better!
Learning and wellness happen most effectively within healthy
unconditionally loving relationships. As we work together,
you’ll learn  to leverage your resources to
strong and flexible in body and mind,
to lift the heavy weight of being human.
You’ll get the professional, ethical and compassionate support
you need from me to know yourself for wellness!

Resources in MindBody Health

I believe…
When we gather together and share our resources,
we are destined to love and thrive!

LFL’s mind-body behavioral health resources and tools on this site are drawn from my personal experiences and “me-search,” classic wisdom of Eastern yoga and mindfulness, Western holistic psychology, Humanistic psychotherapy, and cutting-edge research in nervous system health and neuroscience.

As we work together, I’ll help you find and leverage your inner resources AND I’ll help you find, vet, and leverage the amazing mental health and mind-body wellness resources available to you “out there.” The information explosion in mind-body health is overwhelming, so you’ll need a trustworthy, informed guide to find what’s most appropriate for you and matches your specific and unique needs.

**Learning Conversations Podcast**
My fellow yoga teacher, Pierre & I learn about resources helpful for traveling the landscapes. Listen in and learn that we are just ordinary people learning to live …
just like you!

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The information and programs presented on or through this website are made available to equip you with knowledge and tools for self-study.  All the programs on this website are educational and self-guided or by individual choice, coach-directed programs. This information and these programs are not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 

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