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Self-Study for Self-Realization


“To know yourself you need not go to any book, to any priest, to any psychologist.
The whole treasure is within yourself.”
— Jiddu Krishnamurti

Just Decide to Look Inside!

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Introduction to Self-Study
Course 1: Attention
Course 2: Self-Awareness
Course 3: Challenge
Course 4: Choice
Course 5: Learning


Landscapes for Learning is an independent educational company promoting psychological strength and flexibility through curriculum, workshops, and motivational speaking events. LFL’s mission is to teach people how to use radical honesty and compassion to know and value their humanity through personal reflection and introspection. The online courses are designed for modern people to become more human, more themselves, even high-performers, because everybody could use more help lifting the heavy weight of being human. 

Contact: landscapesforlearning27@gmail.com