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This ain’t school, kids.  This ain’t spiritual woo-woo. Get ready to work hard for wisdom and wellness because it doesn’t happen any other way, no matter how much you whine, blame, or resist. These courses will teach you to STOP buying your own bullshit and avoiding “going there” to do the real work of becoming the REAL you.

The SELF-STUDY FOR SELF-REALIZATION courses are comprised of short video instructions along with explanations, a rationale, everyday examples, self-study journaling prompts, personality tests, and other simple exercises and practices from which you can pick and choose as appropriate for your unique growth and insight.  Knowing yourself is a process and the path to wisdom and wellness. It will never go out of style, as the content and its tools are drawn from the wisdom of the ages, East & West, and apply to ALL humans, even YOU.  LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!

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LEARNING: The landscape of your life is full of opportunities for learning, and this is nothing like schooling. Taking risks and making mistakes is highly encouraged, not grade point average.  Be a creator, not a copycat.

CHALLENGE:  Reflect on your fear, willingness to take on voluntary stress, and personal discipline for growth and wellness. Leave your excuses and sob stories  at the door.

ATTENTION: Reflect on your attention, judgment, and values, and create a life worth living. Realize your “why” so you can get after creating a REAL life rather than a fake one.

SELF-AWARENESS: Reflect on your mind, body, emotions, personality and much more to know who YOU really are and rid yourself of the bullshit that’s making you sick at worst or settled with average at best.

CHOICE:  Reflect on your choices, reactivity and develop response-ability, so nobody and nothing can steal your peace!

The original print text version of the Self-Study for Self-Realization
curriculum, Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide
for Wellness
(2019) is available at  A nice supplement to
the online courses with extra information for teachers, parents & students.


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The WORKOUT WITHIN video/podcast Lecture Series
“Everyone needs help lifting the heavy weight of being human.”

You may be consistently showing up at the gym without knowing how your physical workouts are impacting your mental health and vice versa. This video series will make information from the latest research in neuroscience and body-based psychology about nervous system health accessible and useful to you, so you can create and sustain not only high-levels of performance in your outer life but emotional balance and self-regulation within. You will learn the difference between voluntary stress and chronic stress linked to disease and why working out within is essential for long-term mental and physical health, which  are really one in the same.

The BIKRAM YOGA Video/podcast Lecture Series
“If someone steals your peace, you are the loser”-Bikram

This series of lectures explains the original Bikram Yoga series as self-study for self-realization practice, in terms of the latest research in neuroscience, body psychology, and nervous system health. Lectures will cover the psychotherapeutic benefits and effects of the practice: the heat, mirrors, breathing, single-pointed focus and concentration, movement, stillness and static holds, and the repetition and rhythm intrinsic to the proper and consistent delivery of the Bikram Yoga Dialogue. This lecture series will inform to inspire you to engage with this yoga practice and/or deepen it through developing your interoceptive awareness.

Writing & Nervous System Health
“Reading & Writing the REAL Story of You”

Forget focusing on grammar and spelling and start focusing on the true you!  One of the best things you can do for yourself is HONESTLY and earnestly tell yourself the truth about your experiences. Writing is an excellent tool for articulating your life as it really is, that is, if you can push yourself to be honest.

The therapeutic benefits of writing for emotional health, wisdom and wellness abound. Writing slows you down and allows you to reflect, so you can get a lay of the landscapes of your life, inside and out, discovering what’s going on “out there” and what’s going on “in here.” The act of writing allows you to settle in stillness for a bit, orient yourself in the present, see what you think more clearly, witness how you interpret your experiences, make plans for your future, and enable you to act with more intention, integrity, and direction. These lessons about writing support all the other courses offered at Landscapes for Learning.

Landscapes for Learning 

Created for you, the modern human who experiences dis-ease, lives in your comfort zone, looks for quick and easy answers outside yourself, allows fear and others to run your life, is distracted from your inner world, unaware of your own potential, doesn’t know that mental and physical health are inseparable, doesn’t eat right, sleep right, nor exercise, lies to yourself and to others, has intuitions that you ignore, doesn’t know who you are nor who you could be.

Education, Coaching, Counseling

LFL provides you with educational curricula, coaching, and counseling services to help you lift the heavy weight of being human. To become wise and well, you have to know yourself––your whole self, body and mind. I will teach you how to trust the process of knowing yourself for wisdom and wellness, using a tough-love, humanistic approach based on proven principles in counseling psychology and somatic psychotherapy as well as decades of experience as a high school educator, yoga teacher,  parent of four, athlete and coach. LFL will en-courage you to discover your inner resources, actualize your potential as the unique human you were born to be, and create a life worth living.

Are you willing to do the work?