Mental Health Counseling


I love people and all of their complexity and nuance. That’s how I see individuals and relate to them– as human– person to person, not as a patient or client with a clinical diagnosis who I am hoping to “cure.” I don’t think life or counseling works that way.

I have a knack for making authentic, personal connections with a wide variety of people and personalities likely because what you see is what you get. I am genuinely myself. I have incredible energy, patience, and persistence in supporting people in the learning and change process. I’ve suffered and struggled myself.

How I can help you.

 My approach to working with you is to empower you within a supporting and unconditionally loving therapeutic relationship and provide you with mind-body resources so you can become your truest and healthiest self! It’s all about you!

With my counseling style, support, and resources, you will learn to better assess, understand, clearly define, and address your challenges that may be impeding your health and wellbeing. You will learn to identify the psychological obstacles impeding your growth. You will discover, accept, and leverage your strengths and resources. You will effectively and efficiently achieve your goals for a higher quality of life and optimal health in mind and body.

Process is All.

I believe the very process of learning and change is what health and wellness is all about. Most people fear change and struggle with it. As we work together, we will engage in this learning  and change process together, learn to love it, trust this process, and commit to health as a never-ending process!
The process of growth and health includes both joy and pain–that’s the truth. Growth isn’t comfortable, but it is an incredibly meaningful and fulfilling lifelong process. As your mental health counselor, my job is to help you find your truth, see your truth, and always tell yourself (and others) the truth. When you “get honest” you “get healthy!”

Nothing Good Comes Easy.

And I don’t give up easily. Maybe you are someone who needs someone like me in your life right now— someone who will see you with all your strengths and weakness, listen deeply to you with compassion and understanding,  unconditionally accept you, and believe in you until you can do this for yourself. When you know who you really are (and this will take commitment and hard work) you can heal from the inside out.

Holistic Health.

 When you work with me, you will learn about mental health as nervous system and stress regulation, which is what the recent literature of neuroscience shows. Stress isn’t all bad…it’s about balance and understanding how your body and mind system works. Anxiety and depression and many other “mental health disorders” are about regulation and balance. The “chemical imbalance” narrative sold to the unknowing masses was debunked decades ago, yet Big Pharma continues to “sell” their wares and false narratives along with the approval of the Western medical system, including the DSM-V with its listing of mental health “disorders.” I won’t label you in the traditional way, but instead connect with you as a person, a human being, simply experiencing your experiences and I will help you understand your experiences– who you are.

Resources in MindBody Health.

I empower my clients both to utilize their own inner resources and provide them with the best resources in holistic, integrative behavioral health. This includes quality information drawn from nervous system health, functional medicine, humanistic psychology, interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, integrative psychotherapy, somatic healing, and more.

Walk the walk.

In addition to my own personal and professional skills and training in mental health counseling, education, and yoga, I continually learn. I continue to do “my own work” and I also find and explore the highest quality behavioral health resources, vet and understand them thoroughly, test them in my own life, and subsequently make them more accessible within counseling relationships.

I’ve done “the work” of being human, of being and becoming myself for the last several decades! It’s been incredibly hard yet meaningful and totally fulfilling. And, asking and accepting help has always part of the equation of growth. Man is a social animal, thus you don’t have to go it alone nor should you! I’ll accompany you on this part of your journey to become whole and well, know who you really are inside and out so you can heal and thrive.


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