Maureen Bakis

Inform to Inspire

My life’s work is to inspire, motivate, and empower you with tools and resources to look inside and learn how to “do you” because the world needs the best you possible!

As a Mother, Yoga Teacher, Educator, Athlete, Behavioral Health Clinician and Coach, I have had a lifetime of hands-on experience helping people get honest, get healthy, and lift the heavy weight of being human.

Using my personal and professional training, I will teach you to tell yourself the truth, get out of your own way, and use your inner resources to heal what ails you and actualize your potential. 


The classic wisdom, “Know Thyself”
has been around for a very long time, but
because traveling your inner landscape to learn
isn’t easy, many of us don’t do it. And we suffer. 


Because we’d rather believe our own bullshit!

Yeah, I do it too. It takes one to know one.
So I am here to help you.

Your goals are achievable,
your gifts are valuable,
and you matter more than you think,
despite your flaws and weaknesses!
You CAN actualize yourself
beyond what you believe is possible.
Is it hard?

But, you are worth it! 


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