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“One of the great triumphs of neuroscience, health, psychology, and medicine in the last 5 years is how people are really internalizing the fact that the brain and body are intimately connected and communicate reciprocally in both directions. The MindBody stuff is no longer fluffy or alternative— the bidirectional communication is real. And so what happens in the body impacts the brain and what happens in the brain impacts the body.”
“When we understand the connection between the physical and the psychological, that the mind-body is a system that includes the brain, then humans can learn to modify their behavior through self-directed intervention.”

—–Dr. Andrew Huberman & Dr. Mark Hyman

Neuroscience, Nervous System Health, Stress/Trauma

Dr. Andrew Huberman
(Neuroscience, brain-body health)
The Huberman Lab podcast)

Dr. Lisa Feldman Barrett
How Emotions are Made)

Dr. Matthew Walker
(Sleep “diplomat”, Sleep researcher)

Dr. Allan Schore
(Right-Brain Psychotherapy)

Dr. Ian McGilcrist
The Master and his Emissary; brain hemispheres)

Dr. Gabor Mate, M.D.
When the Body Says No:
The Stress Disease Connection;

Trauma and Addiction).

Dr. Peter Levine
(Somatic Experiencing Therapy
Awakening the Tiger et al.)

Dr. Daniel Siegel
Interpersonal Neurobiology & Mindsight)

Dr. Bessel van der Kolk
The Body Keeps the Score,
Developmental Trauma

Dr. Stephen Porges
The Polyvagal Theory, neuroception)

Pat Ogden
Sensorimotor Psychotherapy,
Trauma and Attachment)

Deb Dana
Polyvagal Theory in Therapy;
Befriending Your Nervous System

Irene Lyon
(neuroplasticity, somatic experiencing,
stress physiology, trauma education)

Elizabeth Stanley, Ph.D
Widen the Window, MBMT)

Kathy Kain
(Nurturing Resilience, developmental trauma)

Functional Medicine & Holistic Health

Dr. Mark Hyman
(body health as connecting to brain
health, functional medicine, nutrition expert)

Dr. Naidoo
(nutritional psychiatry;We are what we eat;
This is Your Brain on Food)

Buddhist Psychology & Mindfulness

Tara Brach 

Dr. Jack Kornfield 

Thich Naht Hahn

Jon Kabat-Zinn (MBSR)

Pema Chodron

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