“Maureen is a one of a kind human who will push you to be the best version of yourself through her high dose of compassion and deep insights. She offers a wide range of techniques and methods to help you along your journey and true self. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with her, you will not regret it!”
-–Kiran R.

 “Count yourself extremely lucky if you have the opportunity to work with Maureen, as I did.
She truly is a rare gem of a therapist, life coach, yoga instructor, teacher, and all around-human. She helps you build a solid foundation within yourself by utilizing the plethora of tools she gives you along your journey with her.
With her unconditional support and non-judgmental honesty, she was exactly what I needed to move forward in my life, and for that I will be eternally grateful.
–Tracey E.

“Regardless of the motivations of her many students, Ms. Bakis possessed a passion to bring out the best in everyone!”
—Ronna T.

“You meet a few people along the way who leave things better than they found them.  Maureen sharing her journey and insights added so much to my yoga practice…forever grateful”
–– Donna K.

“Maureen Bakis is an extraordinary individual. She is a wealth of information, inspiration and encouragement and helped me overhaul my nutrition and exercise habits after decades of stagnation.  As her client, I have been amazed by the depth of cutting-edge resources she has at her fingerprints on topics ranging from mindfulness and meditation to science-based nutrition tips to motivational podcasts.  She provides hard truths about yourself that put you on a direct path to progress but offers them in a way that is respectful and encouraging – not judgmental. Maureen’s practical approach to coaching works for someone like me who values tools to get a job done.   If you want to reboot your life, Maureen is the logical – and high-value – step in that direction.  You will never make wiser investment of your time or your money to achieve your goals.
–– Maggie S.   



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