Nervous System Health Resources

“Know Thyself”
As a Human Nervous System

If you have visited the other parts of this LFL site, you know I am a big fan of “knowing thyself”– which is about discovering your own inner resources. You have so many, but perhaps you just don’t know it. Let’s learn!!

Once you learn more about your nervous system, I promise you will understand more about your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors— that is, both your more conscious functioning and your “automatic” subconscious functioning.

Acquiring this self-awareness that comes from nervous system knowledge may very likely alleviate some unnecessary shame and guilt you may be feeling about why you feel the way you feel, think the way you think and do the behaviors that you do. When you know more about who you are and how you function, my hope is that such learning and wisdom will  empower you to respond to your experiences in ways that lead to more personal freedom and a meaningful life! You can find meaning and freedom in self-discovery and in the struggle of being human. Find out what I mean by visiting the links below to learn more about who you are as a nervous system. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did.

The list of links below introduce you to basic information about the nervous system– what it is, how it functions, and additional references and resources for learning more about it, so you can learn to regulate yours for a healthy life.

I’ve tried to summarize and make more accessible the resources below, which are from research and clinical application in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, yoga, and holistic health. I have vetted these mindbody resources and I use them with clients and for my own personal wellness.


Why Should You Learn About Your Nervous System?
Once you learn about your nervous system, you will never see yourself, your behavior, and others’ behavior in the same way!

Directions for Understanding Yourself as a Nervous System
This is the process of how to Work Out Within
to know yourself as a nervous system.
This Self-Awareness education is essential
for your overall healthy functioning.

Basic Definition of the Nervous System
Nervous system definition from Wikipedia.


Nervous System Health Terms 
Thanks to Kathy Kain & Stephen Terrell’s book Nurturing Resilience, and Stephen Porges’ The PocketGuide to Polyvagal Theory for these definitions that will help you understand the information provided within the pages below about nervous system health.



Understanding Your “Automatic” Self
Learning about Stephen Porges’ Polyvagal Theory and its associated terminology and application in therapy can change how you understand yourself: your behavior and your interactions with others. You can intentionally work with the “automatic functioning” portion of your nervous system for a better life– one with more love and connection and less fear and isolation.

Learning about safety and threat is basic to understanding who you are and how you both automatically react and also consciously respond to your experiences within your inner landscape and the outer landscape. This is the core of mind-body being!

Polyvagal Theory & Nervous System Regulation and Dysregulation
Learn more about Polyvagal Theory to know yourself and concrete ways to self-regulate for balance and healthy functioning.

Other resources in MindBody Health for Nervous System Regulation

Please do not hesitate to contact me, Maureen
with questions or concerns about the information provided,
if you’d like to learn more, if you need help with resources and referrals,
or if you are interested in on-site trainings, coaching, or tutorials in nervous system health and mindfulness!



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