Introduction to Self-Study

Your Self-Study Starts Here

Introduction & Overview

The following videos give you a context for Self-Study and some important suggestions before you begin the 5 courses.

Disclaimer: Self-Study & Trauma

The first video below explains the impetus for creating the Self-Study Curriculum and its purpose, providing you with motivation and a Humanistic context for your own self-study for self-realization


A Rationale for Self-Study


Ummmm… how about: modern life, the end of secularism, rise of cancel culture, plus a MENTAL HEALTH crisis, a global pandemic causing collective trauma, lack of social and interpersonal intimacy, political and interpersonal polarity, overly-left-brained living, and a general lack of trust, tradition, morality, and truth…shall I go on?

It’s always time to know and care for yourself, but that’s never been more true than it is today!

A Word about Learning & Self-Study

This next video provides you with an introduction to the “Landscapes for Learning” approach. 

You’ll Need A Map for Your Travels
on the
Landscapes for Learning!

The Self-Study Wheel
(Graphic #1)

Welcome to the Here & Now of YOU!


Honesty & Self-Study
THE Critical Element in Knowing Thyself


Writing & Self-Study

This short video is about how writing is an integral and important part of knowing who you are.
You don’t have to be good at it, but  writing is a powerful tool for learning.

Disclaimer: Self-Study & Trauma

If you’ve completed the Introductory portion of the Self-Study Curriculum,
Proceed to the Course on Attention next, or feel free to do your self-study in any order you decide!

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