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Hello Friends,

I hope this blog post version of an email finds you happy and healthy!

I continue to thank my lucky stars for having connected with you at some point in my life, whether I met you as my teacher, coach, mentor, colleague, or friend, or you were my student  in yoga class, a professional development course, or in a high school English class. I am a healthier, wealthier, and wiser person because of our shared experiences together!

I created my website, to invite people into a private space for personal learning and transformation through self-study that exists beyond the limitations of institutionalized education and healthcare.

I’ve created online and in-person behavioral health educational tools with accompanying coaching services that enable individuals to explore the landscapes of their “inner,” embodied lives in order to better both manage and enjoy all their experiences on the “outer” landscape of the social world. Both landscapes, which I believe exist for learning and growth, are challenging to navigate. And although being the best “you” is a path only you can travel, everyone, even the strongest and most successful, needs help lifting the heavy weight of being human.

My “Workout Within“ and “Landscapes For Learning” concepts come from a strength-focused, relationship-based orientation to teaching and learning about self-realization and self-actualization that are firmly rooted in the traditions of Humanistic Psychology and Eastern Wisdom. My own personal experience living according to the the classic mantra to “know thyself” for wellness in mind, body, and soul has taught me how essential this advice is for thriving in a stress-filled, rapidly changing modern landscape. My purpose is to continue to share my love for authentic learning with others far and wide!

To this end, I created Self-Actualization courses and a Workout Within Writing program designed for people to know themselves for wellness, on their own terms, at their own pace. I also create integrative/holistic health workshops to inform and inspire educator and parent groups, community organizations, local gyms, and yoga studios––anyone whose work is to grow healthier humans––with information about learning, integrative psychotherapy, nervous system health, mindfulness-based stress management tools, interpersonal neurobiology, trauma-sensitive relationship building, yoga, and more.

Since each individual and organization is unique with its own unique ecosystem and culture, I create content and provide compassionate coaching services according to clients’ needs, on demand. Although that requires more energy, attention, time, and learning from me, this approach is far superior to a one-size-fits-all approach which tends toward speed and outcomes rather than attending carefully and compassionately to the complexities and nuances of human learning and the trial and error growth process.

Just as in my previous careers in parenting, yoga, writing, and education, I continue to absolutely adore helping people learn, and I relish my role in safe-relationship building in this deeply nuanced, human-to-human endeavor of behavioral health education and coaching. I am super excited to continue answering this call to service as an entrepreneur!

I invite you to visit to learn more about the story of my company, its creation, and the mission. Enjoy perusing the educational products and coaching services described in more detail, so you might share them with your social network in good faith, fully informed.

I am grateful for your influence on my learning and development over the years. It really is true that we all go further together than on our own. I shall be forever grateful to you for helping me help others to “get honest” and “get healthy!”

All the best in love and learning,


Maureen Bakis
Behavioral Health Educator & Coach
“Get Honest. Get Healthy.”

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