What is Mental Health?

Being Mentally Healthy is built on Lifestyle Factors, Good Habits, and other influences that shape one’s unique biology. The infographic below is an educational map for my clients to assess their strengths and obstacles and take action to move toward specific targets for improving their vitality.

Learning about Learning by Teaching

What I learned from teaching… I learned through direct experience —as a parent, high school English teacher, teacher-educator, yoga teacher, mental health counselor, and writer that one of the best ways to learn is through teaching. Teaching students to write their college essays each year as their English teacher was one of the most enlightening experiencesContinue reading “Learning about Learning by Teaching”

Helping Ourselves & Others, Together.

Hello Friends, I hope this blog post version of an email finds you happy and healthy! I continue to thank my lucky stars for having connected with you at some point in my life, whether I met you as my teacher, coach, mentor, colleague, or friend, or you were my student  in yoga class, aContinue reading “Helping Ourselves & Others, Together.”

Email to A Friend

Hello My Friend, I was looking for John O’ Donahue’s quote from Plato’s Symposium (which I heard on an Audible version of his book of poetic blessings, To Bless the Space Between Us, while walking my best furry friend, Finn) and came across this entire article about this Irishman which I thought was spectacular. Naturally, I thought youContinue reading “Email to A Friend”

Learning is willing to be uncomfortable

Learning is willing to be uncomfortable in order to grow and thrive!

Take Baby steps toward surrounding yourself with good energy and love, honesty and good health. You may not be less uncomfortable over time, but the discomfort will be familiar– and those people struggling alongside you? They’ll become your family!

Why I Created Landscapes for Learning

A LOVE FOR LEARNING & HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS My “WHYS” My experience observing others within learning environments has taught me that when people fall in love with learning (especially about themselves but not in a narcissistic way!) everything gets better, including physical and mental health, schooling, work, and relationships with self and others. The problems ofContinue reading “Why I Created Landscapes for Learning”

Your Body Your Self

In the Workout Within blog series, I ask you, reader, to take time to consider one question. I ask you to go within to sense, feel, and think deeply about this question. Contemplate, meditate, and be with the question in your own way to see what you can learn about who you are.   QUESTION: HowContinue reading “Your Body Your Self”

Go There–– Where Your Dragons Live

Studying yourself is not some narcissistic exercise so you can feel better about yourself and your life. It’s about taking the time to investigate what’s really going on inside you, as opposed to what you assume on a surface level appears to be true. Self-study for self-realization takes some real digging– some working out within-–Continue reading “Go There–– Where Your Dragons Live”

Reflecting on Oneself as Social Animal

The “Right” Choices for YOU & The Group  How do you balance actualizing your potential by being “YOU” and do right by “the group?” This is a tough one! This is the inner landscapes meeting the external landscapes! Here’s the big secret that’s really no secret at all—separate landscapes don’t really exist; they are intricatelyContinue reading “Reflecting on Oneself as Social Animal”


Free content from the Course on Attention. Practice watching attention, reflecting on it non-judgmentally and writing about it. The more you learn about your attention the healthier you will be and less apt to be manipulated by others.

I Feel You, Teachers!

Most people just want to feel heard. Most people, when stressed or upset, just want someone to listen and empathize without judgement. It’s hard to find a person who understands the special demands of teaching— someone who doesn’t have any stake in you or your status; someone who does not work with you or relyContinue reading “I Feel You, Teachers!”

Honesty & Wellness

RADICAL HONESTY This little video captures my journey from lover of stories and storytelling as an English teacher and writer to becoming a yoga teacher and psychotherapist. It encapsulates wisdom curriculum and some things I convey in both of my books, especially the Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide for Wellness (2019,Continue reading “Honesty & Wellness”

The Meaning Crisis

I am currently watching “Awakening from the Meaning Crisis” which are lectures by University of Toronto assistant professor, John Vervaeke. (The man has “Know Thyself” tattooed on his back!) I highly recommend his work if you want to learn more about the difference between modern self-help/narcissism and classical self-examination for wisdom and fulfillment. Like Vervaeke’sContinue reading “The Meaning Crisis”

Simple (not easy) Practice: Walk Uphill without Complaining

Instead of dreading or fearing responsibility or avoiding the challenges that come with it, look at these things as opportunities and grateful, humble, and happy for the next mountain to climb— for the journey will keep you continually growing and feeling alive and well.

Antidote to Disconnection

Bikram yoga practice is an antidote to disconnection (and polarity) especially the kind currently pervading within many of us and in modern social life.

Simple (not easy) Practice: Rewriting Challenge

Simple (not easy) Practice: Rewriting Challenge Today’s Simple (not easy) Practice is taken from the “Challenge Audit” in Part III: Challenge of the Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide for Wellness. Challenge is at the heart of knowing who you are which is one reason why it is smack dab in theContinue reading “Simple (not easy) Practice: Rewriting Challenge”

Simple (not easy) Practice: Choice

A Moment, A Pause… & Conscious Choice     Have you ever found yourself in the middle of drama (your own internal drama or one happening with others/around you) and realizing,  “I don’t want to spend my moments in this state over this topic. It’s not a priority. It’s not aligned with my values. It’sContinue reading “Simple (not easy) Practice: Choice”

A Video Message from LFL!

LFL’s Simple Practices: Listening So Simple. So Powerful. So Healthy. Make time to PRACTICE listening! NEW FEATURE: Simple Practices on the Landscape for Learning for Wisdom & Wellness SUBSCRIBE BELOW FOR SIMPLE PRACTICES FROM LFL

Another SIMPLE PRACTICE for Wisdom & Wellness

PRACTICE LISTENING to YOUR INNER LANDSCAPE Practice listening to yourself today. (You decide for how long or how often, when, where etc…) What did you learn from listening AND the act of trying to listen to yourself? (No right/wrong answers here– only your experience of your own life. Stop judging!) Write about the experience. (NoContinue reading “Another SIMPLE PRACTICE for Wisdom & Wellness”

NEW FEATURE: Simple Practices on the Landscape for Learning for Wisdom & Wellness

NEW LFL FEATURE! Simple Practices on the Landscapes for Learning are simple, self-study practices that you can implement for wisdom and wellness. One, simple step at a time in your day-to-day life can transform the world! Subscribe to Receive Simple Practices in your Inbox! PRACTICE LISTENING to ANOTHER PERSON   To listen (and to beContinue reading “NEW FEATURE: Simple Practices on the Landscape for Learning for Wisdom & Wellness”

018: Podcast on CHALLENGE

Our sources of pain are diverse, but we are all flawed and we all suffer– in our own ways, great and small– because we are human. It’s scary and challenging to face our insecurities and vulnerabilities, but doing so is exactly the path to freedom. You can learn tools and practices to get better at suffering and to suffer less and live with more joy in this very struggle.


“It’s no coincidence that a Mindfulness Movement has erupted yet SADLY I see how schools co-opt this by USING it as a tool to serve their utilitarian values which are outcomes and results-focused—that is, for kids to “do better” in measurable ways, to be more productive, competitive, higher achievers, and…umm… “successful.””

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