The Story of LFL


My experience observing others within learning environments has taught me that when people fall in love with learning (especially about themselves but not in a narcissistic way!) everything gets better, including physical and mental health, schooling, work, and relationships with self and others. The problems of being human never cease, but the response to them gets better when one chooses to see life as a landscape for learning and ALL experiences as opportunities to grow!

No Ordinary Curriculum 

After fourteen years in the classroom, I quit my job in public education to create Landscapes for Learning as a new platform to promote a learning beyond schooling––that is–– learning as a lifestyle for good health and wellbeing among people of all ages without grading or excessive competition or any other limitations of school. Unlike schooling, Landscapes for Learning is not a safe space where we give trigger warnings and avoid discomfort! Landscapes for learning is where we get real, honest, and learn authentically for health and wellness.

Learning Beyond Schooling

I expanded my classroom beyond the brick and mortar institution to offer empowering mind-body curriculum and coaching to more people to develop their attention, personal discipline, coping skills, power of introspection and reflection, character development, and other “soft”skills.  Schooling simply doesn’t focus enough on such immeasurably important life skills, yet cultivating them is critically important for good health and wellbeing as well as appropriate preparation for the challenges and changes in life in the upcoming decades.

The majority of formal schooling limits people’s understanding of the nature and value of a more expansive definition of learning. I saw how it limited my students to believe that learning was only academic, or only about acquiring practical skills and knowledge for college and career pursuits, or something to be graded. Real learning includes wisdom and is about knowing oneself as well as possible for a fulfilling and meaningful life. And, now, In this day and age, it’s woefully incomplete to be smart without also being wise.

Tough Love Curriculum & Coaching for Modern Life

We’ve got to travel the landscapes of our lives, inside and out, to be wise and well, because how meaningful or fulfilling is achievement if balance, wholeness, and wellness are missing? We see highly “successful, smart” people everywhere sick and unfulfilled; I saw it in many of my students. I’d like to shift our limited understanding of learning, expand it, and inspire more people to embrace learning as a lifestyle.

The Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human: A Self-Study Guide for Wellness (2019) is curricula that I always wanted to teach to properly meet the needs of students. This book (and my online course version of the book) is designed to address problems of our modern culture among all people, not just teenagers, including:

problems with attention; 

anxiety and depression;

problems with the social negotiation of personal identity

loneliness and disconnection (from self and others); 

fragility, the need for trigger-warnings and safe spaces;

suffering and weakness resulting from victim-mentality;

unhealthy chronic compulsive behaviors & addiction
(including to phones, social media, and FOMO). 

Integrative health has integrity and truth-telling at its core!

I wrote the book and created the course curriculum at LFL to inspire, motivate, and teach people to learn to know who they are, in mind and body, through writing, other exercises, tools, and practices so they can live well, with integrity, and care for themselves better than anyone else ever could. 

Know Yourself & Discover Shared Humanity

I truly believe that the more people can connect with themselves––through developing a more intimate and understanding relationship with their body and mind––the more they can connect with others for stronger and healthier communities. It’s simple, but not easy.  And most people need humanistic help– that is, honest, informed and compassionate support and resources.

East meets West Yoga’s Self-Realization & Maslow’s Self-Actualization

The Self-Study Guide and the online Self-Study Course Curriculum contains principles and practices for creating a life worth living–– a life of wisdom and wellness. It draws on my years of experience teaching the great hero stories of Western culture as well as my yoga practice rooted in the wisdom traditions of the East.  Bolstered by my graduate education and clinical training in Counseling Psychology, I now specialize in teaching and learning about stress and trauma, nervous system health, and mindfulness, using cutting edge resources from the field of interpersonal neurobiology, integrative psychotherapy, and somatic psychology.  


Knowing thyself (or self-realization) is the simple, classic wisdom but not easy to follow. I designed Landscapes for Learning to help inspire, motivate, and provide you with high quality resources to stop, look inside, and learn how to “do you” as best you can because the world needs you to be exactly
who you are! 


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