More Tough Love, Less Coddling


The kids in the “Everyone gets a trophy” generation are in college now and acting crazy at the extreme ends of the political spectrum (there’s a middle– we just don’t hear about them because they are individuals rather than extreme identity groups and they’re probably attending to the business of their lives instead of becoming social justice warriors).

The question I’d like to discuss is how we might raise and educate the next generation to end all of this polarizing behavior and identity politics. How can we make our kids stronger, less vulnerable and less likely to feel the need to join a group to define their identity?

Maybe we stop giving every kid a trophy?

Maybe we let kids play together without constant adult control and supervision?

Maybe they get outside more?

Eat less refined sugar?

Do things that are hard and make them uncomfortable?

Maybe we teach them how to understand themselves first, to get quiet, be alone, disconnect from social media and re-connect with themselves.

Maybe we introduce them to the idea of exploring their inner landscape (that is a solo mission, without us), instead of inculcating them about who they should be or teaching them how to save the world?

Maybe they become responsible for themselves FIRST instead of responsible for others as their primary goal? (They could make the world a better place by making themselves better)

Maybe we stop making every space they’re confined to safe?

Maybe schools stop sanitizing the learning process?

Maybe we stop coddling.

External Links:

Check out the Sam Harris podcast below where he interviews and ex-neo Nazi about why a normal kid would get reeled into a cult of violence and white supremacy.

“The Coddling of the American Mind” from The Atlantic Monthly (original article)

The Coddling of the American Mind by Jonathan Haidt (book coming soon)

Where You go is Not Who You Will Be by Frank Bruni (book on college admissions mania)

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