You Have Resources!

Landscapes for Learning is an independent behavioral health education and coaching company providing tools and services to help people get fit in mind and body for lifting the heavy weight of being human. 

Everyone, even the strongest people face challenge, and in this modern world, challenges (i.e. opportunities) are everywhere. Whether you want to optimize your performance or you are suffering greatly with physical or psychological challenges, I can help you get honest and get healthy by connecting you with resources–– YOUR OWN, my educational and coaching support, and the highest quality resources in mind-body-behavioral health!


The best way to get healthy is to get honest. And although that sounds simple, it’s rarely easy. Although you must take responsibility for yourself, you don’t have to struggle to heal or reach your potential alone! Empowering relationships are critically important to your health and individual development process throughout your life. That’s where a good coach comes in!


To become wise and well, you have to know yourself––your whole self, honestly and accurately, in body and mind. And you need a good mirror to find your resources. That’s also where I come in!

I can teach you how to trust the process of knowing yourself using a tough-love, humanistic approach based on proven principles in counseling psychology and integrative psychotherapy as well as decades of experience forming learning and growth-supporting  relationships as a high school humanities educator, yoga teacher, single mom of four, athlete and coach.


 Most people don’t have the time to search, read, and filter through the literature of neurobiology, psychotherapy, functional medicine, or tools and practices for nervous system healing and mind-body health.

That’s my job as your personal behavioral health guide! 

I will empower you to realize your own inner resources and provide you with a slew of high quality mind-body resources relevant and specific to your learning goals.

I can’t wait to witness you actualize your potential as the unique human you were born to be!

I look forward to connecting with you soon.





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