About Me


My name is Maureen Bakis.  I am the mother of four adults, yoga instructor, author, former high school humanities teacher turned freelance educator and aspiring mental health counselor.

My mission is to help people take their lives and their health into their own capable and compassionate hands.

I want to help people be well through ENCOURAGING AND SUPPORTING self-study FOR WELLNESS


After fourteen years as a high school English teacher, I decided to quit my job in public education to help more individuals live better quality lives through the pursuit of authentic life learning and to promote our common shared humanity. The Landscapes for Learning platform allows me to combine my skills and experience as both humanities teacher and yoga teacher to promote a more genuine love for learning beyond schooling for good health and wellbeing among people of all ages without grading or competition. 

The Immeasurables

I decided to expand my classroom beyond the brick and mortar institution to offer empowering curriculum and coaching to people to help them develop their attention, personal discipline, coping skills, power of introspection and reflection, character development, and other “soft”skills. Schooling simply doesn’t focus enough on such immeasurably important life skills, yet cultivating them is critically important for good health and wellbeing as well as appropriate preparation for the challenges and changes in life in the upcoming decades. In this day and age, it’s woefully incomplete to be smart without also being wise. 

Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human

The Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human curricula comes from my years of experience teaching the great hero stories of Western culture as well as my yoga practice rooted in the wisdom traditions of the East. Yoga is ancient wisdom that can help us explore our inner landscape and know who we are!

Yoga [is defined as] a process of becoming more aware of who we are…[its] techniques facilitate balance and health, and unfold our dormant potential. [It] allows us to be more aware of ourselves and feel connected, [and] as such, yoga is a process of self-discovery…[which] leads to self-mastery and self-realization” (Shakti). In other words, yoga is about self-actualization and not just the American stereotype of flexible bodies posing in spandex!  Knowing thyself or self-realization is the simple, classic wisdom that most people could use to cure what ails them.


The Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human Self Study Guide is designed to address problems of our modern culture among adults and within school culture among teens, including issues related to attention; anxiety and depression; loneliness and disconnection (from self and others);  fragility, the need for trigger-warnings and safe spaces; suffering and weakness resulting from victim-mentality; and unhealthy chronic behaviours like addiction to phones, social media, and FOMO. 

My hope is to inspire, motivate, and teach people to learn to know who they are, through writing and other exercises and practices so they can live well, with integrity, and care for themselves better than anyone else ever could. Nobody can be you, but you. You might as well figure out how to “do you” as best you can because the world needs you to be exactly who you are! 

I look forward to helping you get to know yourself to be the healthiest, happiest, and best YOU possible!

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