About Me

Welcome, Fellow Students and Teachers, to Landscapes for Learning!

My name is Maureen.  I am a mom of four grown children, a Bikram yoga instructor, and a former high school English teacher.  

Landscapes for Learning is the website where I invite everyone to get involved in my travelogues, conversations, explorations, and meditations through the blog, podcasts, and videos. 

I’ll also be sharing my reflections on the creative process of developing the Landscapes for Learning site in a feature called “Meta.” I’ll keep you posted on the work in progress, tell you my fears and fantasies, mistakes and embarrassments, and breakthroughs and successes, all meant to inspire you to follow your soul’s calling. Hey, If I can face my fears about writing and leave my conventional life to (finally) pursue my soul’s calling full-time, then you can too.

*The podcast portion of Landscapes for Learning won’t be your typical podcast. I won’t be talking with financially successful or famous people (unless it is incidental), I won’t be “selling” you a product or service. There’s lots of other people doing that stuff. Pure and simple, I only want to celebrate learning— learning from, and for, regular, ordinary, conventional people like you and me– the everyday working stiffs of the world who want a little more depth from their social media.

If I can help slow you down enough to discover it, you’ll find the pure joy in learning everywhere in your life, in every moment of your life.

The answers you are seeking aren’t in textbooks. If you really want to get an A+ in the class of life, then you need only look inside yourself and at the world right in front of you. (This will require you to look up from your phone more often, face people and engage, and smile a lot). Your answers are scattered across and deep within the landscapes of your life.

Yes, Learning is life– you only need develop the eyes to see all of it, the heart to love all of it, and the wisdom to appreciate all of it!

Please, contact me, as I would love nothing more than to engage in conversations with you about the landscapes of learning in your life. We can talk about the paths you traverse, ideas you explore, and the most authentic learning experiences in your life.  

I look forward to traversing the landscapes of learning with you. Please Subscribe!