About Me

Welcome, Fellow Students and Teachers, to Landscapes for Learning!

My name is Maureen.  I am a mom of four grown children, a Bikram yoga instructor, and a former high school English teacher.  My main goal in life is to help people know themselves so they can live authentic, high quality lives.

Constant and continual learning is the key element in this life-long process of self-actualization. Many people don’t even know such a process exists or that it is available for them, or if they do, they need help figuring out how to engage in the process. This is especially true for teenagers and younger adults who have been obeying the authorities in their lives and are in need of becoming independent to guide their own lives, to parent themselves, to nurture and heal themselves, and to be their own most trusted listener, advocate and defender, their own coach, counselor, and therapist.

There’s so much information in the world and so much marketing about “who to be” and “how to” advice that it can be overwhelming and difficult to trust what’s exactly right for you– especially if you aren’t even sure who you are or what you need! That is why I am here to help.

If I can help slow you down enough to discover it, you’ll find the pure joy in learning everywhere in your life, in every moment of your life. And, just maybe, if you commit to looking within, spending time learning about yourself, studying yourself, you will know who you are, what you need, and how to be your own best friend– for life!

The answers you are seeking aren’t in textbooks. If you really want to get an A+ in the class of life, then you need only look inside yourself, at the world right in front of you, and your own direct experience. This will require you to look up from your phone more often, face yourself and people, engage deeply and honestly, and struggle to change what needs changing– that means to grow. Your answer to the meaning of your life can be found deep within the landscapes of your life– internally and far beyond schooling.

Yes, Learning is life– you only need develop the eyes to see all of it, the heart to love all of it, and the wisdom to appreciate all of it!

Please, contact me, as I would love nothing more than to engage in conversation with you about the landscapes for learning in your life. We can talk about the paths you traverse, ideas you explore, and the most authentic learning experiences in your life.  

I look forward to traversing the landscapes for learning with you. 



If you are interested in services listed below or would like to engage in conversation with me about learning and schooling, please use the contact form or email me directly at landscapesforlearning27@gmail.com.

  • Personal coaching & tutoring for high schoolers and undergraduates
  • Motivational speaking & consulting services for parents & schools
  • Personal coaching & Professional development for educators
  • Writing tutorials (all ages; high school, college, graduate & professional editing
  • Bikram Yoga Coaching & Clinics (teacher mentoring & development; 1-1 coaching)
  • Book Events, Workshops & Conferences

I look forward to assisting you, in person or online, in your discovery of a deeper, more fulfilling and individualized exploration of the landscapes for learning in your life and/or in the lives of people you care about!