Workout Within Writing Program

The original Workout Within Writing Program is an individually tailored writing curriculum created to teach you how to
get honest & get healthy.

The program teaches you why and how to use writing to learn about your inner landscape by exploring your thoughts, sensations, and emotions.

At the end of the Workout Within Writing Program, not only will you know yourself more honestly, you will have therapeutic journaling skills and habits that you can take forward on your ongoing self-study journey.


The Workout Within Writing Program is even better when paired with private coaching sessions tailored to your unique and specific needs and goals.

Why Work with Me as Your Coach?

Being introspective in private is critically important for personal growth, but there’s also enormous value in collaborating with an experienced humanistic helper who can hold you accountable, gently encourage you to be more honest with yourself, and teach you how to gain clarity and insight about yourself.

Everyone needs help getting fit to lift the heavy weight of being human.


I am an unbiased, empathic, and nonjudgmental behavioral health coach who works to help you help yourself. And as a mental health clinician, writer, former English teacher, and yoga teacher, I’ve helped thousands of people expand the vocabulary of their mind and body to best express themselves, manage stressful lives, and know and love who they are.

Workout Within to Get Honest, Specific, & Clear

I have found in decades of experience working with people that they underestimate their strengths, don’t know their inner resources, are blind to their own biases, and are overly critical and judgmental about their weaknesses. As well, most people too generically label themselves, for example as “stressed” or “anxious,” without a deeper level of emotional nuance and specificity about their experiences, therefore they try to solve the wrong problems and/or use the wrong interventions.

Your time and effort is too precious to waste!

Since most personal problems stem from a lack of awareness or improper definition, people need to get a lay of the landscape of who they are and describe precisely what’s going on within them in order to learn and grow.

The Workout Within Writing & Coaching Program is designed to make you crystal clear to yourself for getting honest and getting healthy!

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