Get Honest. Get Healthy.

I’ll work with you and your team to create specific behavioral health education most salient and applicable to your community’s
unique needs and interests.

I also provide health and wellness workshops specifically designed to support teachers, coaches, counselors, and parents.

Check out my sample workshop titles listed below!

Please use the Workshop Sign Up form below.
You can expect a response in 24-48 hours.

Workshop Topics 

Self-Study for Self-Realization:
Know Yourself for Wisdom and Wellness 

Trauma-Informed Teaching:
The Felt Sense of Safety for Learning
(for yoga, fitness, and academic classrooms) 

Landscapes for Learning:
Discover Yourself & Our Shared Humanity

Mental Health is Physical Health:
Your Modern Lifestyle Landscape

Building a Culture of Trust & Integrity
One Person at a Time

Writing for Emotional Health: Get Honest. Get Healthy 

Rights & Responsibilities: Negotiating Social Identity

The Polyvagal Theory & Relationship Health

Voluntary Stress & Chronic Stress:
Nervous System Health 101

Integrative Health: Building Integrity, Trust & Truth
in the Modern American Landscape

Learning for Lifting
the Heavy Weight of Being Human







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