Behavioral Health & Wellness Coaching

Everyone needs help getting fit to lift the heavy weight of being human.

Why Work with Me as Your Coach?

There’s enormous value in collaborating with an experienced, candid yet compassionate humanistic helper who can hold you accountable, gently encourage you to be more honest with yourself, and provide you with resources and personal support to gain clarity and insight about yourself so you can achieve your behavioral health goals.

Who Are My Clients?

I coach clients in person through a referral process. I also coach clients online who contact me using the form below.

I work with older teens, undergraduate and graduate students, and adults who are interested in working with me to address a range of behavioral health concerns and goals.

What are Sample Behavioral Health
Goals I Help Clients achieve?

More effective parenting of children and teens
Managing parenting stress
Work-Home life balance
Stress reduction and stress management
Understanding Self-limiting Beliefs
Overcoming cognitive-behavioral health challenges
Better mood regulation and emotional balance
Increasing joy and meaningful work, creativity, and happiness
Managing life transitions and related decision-making
(retirement, going to college, moving residence)
Habit change
Relationship concerns and challenges (personal, professional)
Starting and maintaining mindfulness practices and relaxation routines
Improving Sleep
Starting, maintaining, improving exercise, fitness, and
strength-training routines
Increasing self-acceptance, self-love, self-care
And much more!

I also offer more specialized coaching for high school teachers, providing them with relational-based support and behavioral health resources to address the range of job-related stresses unique to this helping profession, including
Compassionate Listening sessions for stress reduction.

What are Sample Behavioral Health Interventions & Resources
I use with Clients?

The interventions I use with clients depends entirely on the individual client. Each client is a unique human person with unique resources within them and within the local environments in which they live. Each client also has unique challenges, needs, expectations for growth, and behavioral health concerns and goals.

I use a holistic, integrative approach to respectfully and carefully assess and understand each client. I coach the whole person, in mind, body, and spirit. I help each client acquire and apply tools and practices most appropriate for their personal health development within the larger context of their unique life circumstances.

One primary and important resource is my own healthy nervous system. I bring calm, regulated mind-body energy to bear positively on each client, relating to each person with honest, authentic, culturally-sensitive communication methods and modes which I have honed over time through mindfulness practices and years of consistent personal wellness habits.

I collaborate with each client to establish a safe, honest and trusting relationship, assess and clearly define their behavioral health concerns, and then we set specific and achievable goals.

I empower each client with the most appropriate resources tailored for their unique and specific needs, and I help them learn and apply the information, practices, and tools to reach their specific goals.

Throughout the coaching relationship and process, I provide encouragement, honest feedback, accountability, and added inspiration and motivation with lots of positive, calm, energy and care.

Please use the form below to contact me for coaching services. I look forward to our coach-client connection!

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