Simple (not easy) Practice: Walk Uphill without Complaining

Instead of dreading or fearing responsibility or avoiding the challenges that come with it, look at these things as opportunities and grateful, humble, and happy for the next mountain to climb— for the journey will keep you continually growing and feeling alive and well.

Sticks and Stones

“Your personal, individual super powers live within your inner landscape. Stop blaming, whining, complaining and acting like a victim. You do have the power to choose. That’s your responsibility. Put the phone down; put the drugs and booze away; stop eating crap; stop checking out by putting your attention and energy on other people whoContinue reading “Sticks and Stones”

Teaching & Learning About the Places That Scare You

The following quotes are taken from The Places That Scare Us by Pema Chodron where she describes the exploration of the inner landscape that I believe is sorely needed as part of kids’ education more than ever before: “We’re encouraged to meditate every day, even for a short time, in order to cultivate this steadfastness withContinue reading “Teaching & Learning About the Places That Scare You”

Post Surgical Post

Post Surgical Post: To suffer or not to suffer; there is no question So, here I am, your Landscapes for Learning hostess with the mostess, recovering from surgery and pondering the meaning of life, or um…rather…philosophizing about suffering…again. (That’s supposed to be a funny reference to my previous post.)  As I sit here coexisting rather unpleasantly with myContinue reading “Post Surgical Post”

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