Is Self-Awareness Possible? Practice


Is 100% Self-Awareness Possible?

Agree or disagree with the following:

We have an inaccurate and limited understanding of ourselves in some large and small ways.

There is a need for more intentional self-awareness to know ourselves better.

We change over time, so updates and checking back in with oneself is needed throughout our lives.

We may lack the vocabulary to describe ourselves most accurately.

We can continually expand our vocabulary about ourselves to describe all our nuances and complexities to understand ourselves better.

There’s a lot to know about oneself (lots for discovering and learning), since we are complex beings of body and mind.

Maybe we can never know ourselves completely.

We need help confirming truths/lies and biases about ourselves based on our own self-assessment.

To be more self-aware requires a high degree of attention and effort.

 Reflect about the following in writing:

If the above statements are true: that it’s complex and difficult to know ourselves due to our biases; that the vocabulary required to describe ourselves with a high degree of specificity is challenging and comprehensive; and that we will likely never achieve 100% accuracy in knowing ourselves completely, then why should we bother with self-study and trying to gain more self-awareness?

What, if any, are the incentives and benefits for becoming as self-aware as is possible?

How can we still cope and thrive without all the answers or 100% accuracy about who we are?



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