Personality Assessment


Discover your Personality

Take the personality test at

Read, reflect, and write in your journal about your results.

Match up your results against what you wrote about yourself in the Self-Awareness Exercise 1: Getting a Baseline Assessment, Who am I?

Review your perception of yourself and your original descriptions. Notice similarities and differences among the two evaluations.

You might like to share your results with someone who knows you pretty well, perhaps someone you spend a lot of time with and can trust to be honest with you.

Another Gentle Reminder

Spend time reflecting upon your work in this self-awareness section. This is not the same thing as worrying about the results or judging the results negatively or harshly to criticize yourself. You are trying to understand yourself honestly and objectively to manage yourself in order to achieve a sense of balance and insight. Avoid being extreme in either direction; try to remain the neutral observer rather than getting carried away with the drama of you throughout the process.


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