What’s Happening in March

Muscles and Macros!

Winner, Winner — Protein Dinner!
Awesome muscle-related prizes for winners.
In this challenge, you will be tracking both macronutrients
and your attendance in strength-building classes. Maureen will be at the studio on March 12th at 4pm to answer questions about the challenge, provide a tracker app to count your macros, and get you started on building your muscles!

EVERY Sunday @ 4:00 pm
from 3/12 to 4/9

Muscle and Macro Check-In


NEW 20-minute Fascia-Rolling session!

Stay for Yin Yoga with Shelby at 5 pm.

Muscles & Macro Challenge

The person who uses their muscles (at the studio)
and hits their protein macro the most + consistently wins!

  1. Use MyFitnessPal (or a tracker you already use or prefer) to count macronutrients every day; On April 9th, show up at 4pm to show proof that you have tracked all macros from March 12th to April 9th and hit your protein macros consistently. Prize for the top winner of macro-tracking!
  2. Attend as many muscle-building classes as possible from March 12th to April 9th. Person who attends the most classes overall wins a prize and the person who attends the most varied class type attendance wins a prize.*

Which classes count?

Bikram Yoga (Lock your knee!)

Yin Yoga (Relax your muscles! They need that too!

X3 class (resistance with bands!)

IHP (Use those hand weights!)

Fascia-Rolling (Sundays at 4pm!; Repair with Blood flow)

**Try all 5 class types! Doubles Encouraged!**

*A tiebreaker will be macro-tracker achievement

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