Course 5: Learning

Welcome to the Course on Learning!

“Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself, and know that everything in life has purpose.
There are no mistakes, no coincidences. All events are blessing given to us to learn from.
— Elisabeth Kubler-Ross


If this is your first or only course, please watch the following video. If not, feel free to begin with Why Learning, Why Now below!

Why Learning, Why Now?

Introduction to the Course on Learning!


If this is your final course in the 5-Course Self -Study Curriculum, then you will find that all of the practices in this Learning Course are familiar! It is important for you to continue to observe yourself and your human nature as a LEARNER. Following the directions on the Self-Study Wheel map to know yourself for wisdom and wellness means you are becoming an authentic learner in the process, a traveler on the landscapes for learning that never ends!

Learning Audit

In this practice, you are asked to reflect a bit on who you are in terms of learning and write about your relationship with learning.

 Learning (Not Schooling)

Authentic learning is a lifelong process motivated by its intrinsic value rather than to compete, compare, or perform for others and for external gain. You are your own best teacher because true, real, authentic learning happens within the learner, through direct experience, rather than primarily from received knowledge of concepts from others. The motivation to learn, authentically, comes from within and is self-directed for self-actualization. In this practice, you will write about your authentic learning experiences.

The Authentic Learner

An authentic learner lives her life as an adventurous traveler, ever observing and appreciating the inner landscapes within her and its relationship to the landscapes beyond. She sees that within rigidity there is always a tiny bit of fluidity and vice versa–– the yin and the yang within all that exists in nature. She understands that balance is the way and optimal for wisdom and wellness. The authentic learner avoids dichotomous thinking, polarity and extremes, while also tolerant, welcoming, and appreciative.  An authentic learner’s ultimate destination is to practice, focusing on process rather than performance, perfection, or outcomes.

Vulnerability & Tolerance

One of the characteristics of good learners is their tolerance for ambiguity, which means sitting calmly in the space between knowing and unknowing. You are vulnerable in this place! Such tolerance for accepting your vulnerability and willingly exposing yourself to the unknown, can be developed through conscious practice.  In fact, if you have already taken the courses in Attention, Self-Awareness, Challenge, and Choice, then you have been building your tolerance and working with your vulnerability all throughout your self-study!

 Learning as Therapeutic Endeavor

In this practice, you will be asked to think about learning in terms of healing and self-study as a therapeutic relationship with yourself.

Landscapes for Learning Lifestyle

When you know yourself well, you can focus on intentionally responding to what life throws your way, whether it is how other people behave toward you or how to manage and respond to what’s happening within you. You can respond to the external world from a place of peace within, from a place of solid knowledge of who you are, and with the attitude of the curious learner who is interested in learning— about oneself and about others and how they are struggling to be themselves too. You are your best teacher. Be a compassionate guide who is responsive to your very own inner suffering and then you can treat others the way you treat yourself— with honesty, love, and compassion–– as a perennial student on the landscapes for learning.


Congrats on Completing the Course on Learning and the entire curriculum if you attended and completed all 5 courses! WOW! And, you know that you are never REALLY finished with self-study. I hope you come back and learn something new about yourself in the days, weeks, months, and years ahead.
Come back home to yourself often to learn!

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