Your MIND is a POWERFUL weapon. LEARN to be a warrior and wield it INTENTIONALLY (MIND-fully).



Excerpted from the brief video clip of Robert Greene (above)…

Your attitude colors what you see. A negative attitude keeps you CLOSED and inflexible.

Give up your sense of security that comes from holding onto beliefs that you may be clinging to out of fear.

Be OPEN and WILLING, and ACCEPT people and new ways of seeing the world for more PERSONAL FREEDOM.

When something goes wrong, is YOUR RESPONSE one that’s OPEN to LEARNING? Do you analyze yourself and see what you did wrong? Take responsibility? Or do you immediately blame other people or play the victim?

BE A CURIOUS STUDENT toward the experiences in your life to avoid turning bitter and resentful.

You are not in charge of everything that happens to you in life, but a lot of what happens is in YOUR CONTROL and it’s your responsibility to CHOOSE what to do with what you can control.

How you think of yourself is what you will manifest in your life. Keep a positive attitude about yourself, about your life.

Being THE BEST YOU POSSIBLE is a PRACTICE. Learn how by using the Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human Self Study Guide to get to know who you really are and what you are really like (as opposed to assuming you know!) for optimal personal wellness.





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