Meta: Reflection on The Artist’s Way

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron beautifully combines my interests in creativity, spirituality, and writing all in one little awesome guidebook for the responsible rationalists like me who have paid homage to the Inner Critic for most of our lives for one good reason or another. I have lived my life responsible for my children and my job and my home, yet to do this effectively, I have had to hush my inner creative voice or, rather, put it on hold, until the most “appropriate” time where I could finally become a conduit or channel for the divine force within me that has just been pounding to get out all along. I plan to ping back to my childhood self who loved to spend time outdoors, curious about the natural world and the expanse of the universe and express her feelings in letter writing and poetry. Cameron articulates for me exactly what I need to hear and speak and live out now at this point in my life, as I embark on an adventure to live a life of learning beyond schooling and leave my conventional life behind.

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