Self-Study for Wellness Workshop, October 19!

Get a “lay of the landscape” of YOU! Why has there been an onslaught of advice to meditate and “do yoga”? Why all the meditation apps? Why all the meditation programs in schools? Why is yoga part of the P.E. curriculum? Why the “mindfulness” movement? Why here (in the West)? Why now? Our “Modern” ProblemsContinue reading “Self-Study for Wellness Workshop, October 19!”

October Workshop!

Want to be better, kinder, and more understanding to yourself? Come Learn About Self-Study for Self-Realization at Bikram Yoga Danvers October 19th, 2019 Noon-1:00 p.m. Signed copies of the Classic Wisdom for the Modern Human Self Study Guide (2019) will be available for purchase! Hosted by Landscapes for Learning, LLC  

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