A Life Of Quiet Desperation? Just Say No.

For those of you who just don’t feel as good as you know you could. For those of you who feel like you are spending and awful lot of time and energy maintaining the “story of you” or are busily decorating your comfort zone to make it a perfect “suffering-free safe space” yet still feel stuck; for those of you who feel that something is not quite right within you but you don’t know how to name this mystery or change it, the interview below with Rich Roll is a must-watch. The dude preaches honesty.

If you believe your current situation in life may not be where you belong; if perhaps you’ve outgrown your story (as comfortable as it is); or perhaps you feel like you might be living someone else’s life (as secure as that is), please, watch this interview.

Rich Roll has been “there,” and he can help you take another step forward in your own life toward knowing yourself better, more honestly, so that you can develop the tools to change and live with integrity, wisdom, and wellness.

The answers to who you are, what you are meant to do while here on this planet, and how to design your life are within you. You’ve got to stop, and as Rich Roll said, clear out what’s cluttering the inner landscape and listen to your inner voice, the Muse, your guide, the truth, or God. Whatever you want to label it– it’s real, and it’s the core of who you really are. This is a simple and direct process, but it is not easy and will require your time, effort, and commitment to yourself.

Although getting help from others, whether through reading, attending workshops, or taking courses  is a great step in the right direction, ultimately, you have to stop, get quiet, become more reflective and introspective, pay attention to yourself, and write down exactly what you are learning. This ought to be a joyful, loving, and compassionate experience despite its inherent challenges because it’s actually what gives your life its meaning. Bearing the responsibility for being you IS an important task– a lifelong endeavour to be the very best you possible for the good of you and for the good of the rest of us!

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